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Lauren C.Gorgo ~ Crowning Victory: seat of the divine throne

5-D-Report ~ Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Aug 22, 2017


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Temple of GOD: the new body matrix ~ Lauren C.Gorgo

5-D-Report ~ Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Apr 22, 2017

I’m pretty positive that not one of you reading this thought April would be an “easy” month, but I am not entirely sure any of us were truly prepared for what that would really amount to.  And while it’s not over yet…despite my many pleas…it seems as though we are now thru the hairiest parts.

There is good news to report tho….all of the really challenging energy we have been navigating recently is also thoroughly reinforcing our preparedness to align with the final phase of embodiment.

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Beginning Again: moving out of time ~ Lauren C. Gorgo

5-D-Report ~ Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Jan 24, 2017

Welcome to the new everything!  The good, the bad, the magical…it’s ALL new and it’s all YOU.

Together we, if barely, made it out of the 9 vibration that defined each and every nuance of the last 12 months…a pervasive overtone that painted our lives and the world with a clear sense of finality at every turn. There is just no question left that life on earth is/has been radically altered and tho we may have a bit of a 2016 hangover, beneath the disorientation of such a major transition there is a definite sense of “making it to safety” for those breaking free from duality.

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Eclipses to Equinox: the ultimate balancing act

Lauren C.Gorgo ~ The 5D Report ~ Aug. 29 2016

The energies of the new month are already beginning to arrive, heralding the entrance of some superhero (m-f) rebalancing efforts set to take place in our lower body system in preparation for 2017…a year when the planet will need as many people as possible anchored in divine neutrality.

We are moving into a period of grounding, a profound integration of the new accelerated creation cycle which amplified exponentially thru the Lion’s Gate, and becomes fully viable on the September 22nd equinox, directly following the last eclipse of the year.

I know that many are relieved that August is coming to a close but the Leo energy amounted to an absolute inferno of creative fire that was so necessary for this upcoming cycle.  It brought with it many perks, but also many challenges, as we were required to burn off anything still preventing our fully empowered (divine) Self expression.  The upside is that we realized, with the right perspective, that the fires of hell are really just those of transmutation…dogged in their determination to empower us to become the leaders of our own lives. Weiterlesen

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The New Human: 5.0 edition ~ Lauren C.Gorgo

The 5D Report

The New Human: 5.0 edition

Enter the new world consciousness.Well, in actuality the “new world consciousness” officially entered in September when that insane wave of transformational energy hit the planet in the midst of an eclipse cycle, the equinox, AND the final blood moon in the highly prophesied tetrad.

The difference is that now we are moving into participation with it.


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Lauren C Gorgo ~ The Magic of May: midway point

The Magic of May: midway point

Lauren C Gorgo – May 8, 2014

We made it to May!  That alone is celebration worthy considering the magnitude of what has recently transpired within us, but in addition to such a noble accomplishment we also lived to tell about the grand cross event. And now that the eclipse portal is finally coming to a close (5/14), I am hearing that we are about to learn how we are forever changed.

The transmutational energies of April may have definitely threatened to exterminate us in parts, but from the perspective of my Sources, the heavy (key word) lifting is over. The next leg of our resurrection journey is not without challenges mind you, but with a new level of support.

With Mars still retrograde I doubt we will immediately feel the green-light-means-go energy that we are all so desperate for, but direct is on the docket which means at the very least we should soon be able to stand upright…without the constant looming threat of an unintentional face-plant.


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Lauren C.Gorgo ~ Coming Down from the Cross: mass renewal

Coming Down from the Cross: mass renewal

Lauren C.Gorgo ~  March 24, 2014

LOVE Bomb Explodes

The equinox on the 20th was something really special.  It is always a powerful gateway for ascension because it is a time of balancing the sacred female/male energies within, but because we are now so firmly planted in unity consciousness, the power of this year’s merge was like a full-on explosion of LOVE and could really be felt on that day, in exaggerated and almost satirical ways.

As we opened ourselves up to whole the division between our hearts and minds on the full moon just prior to, the LOVE then came pouring out on the equinox and filled the planetary grid with a palpable feeling of open, loving, compassionate, connected, tenderness that was nearly surreal.  It was literally heaven on earth, even if for a brief moment.

But just like any massive explosion, this LOVE bomb cleared out sections of our lives and bodies, both personal and global, that are not in resonance with LOVE…the aftermath of which still lingers I write this.

We are moving beyond the gravity of fear, chunk by chunk, and this recent infusion of LOVE is so paramount to this process, even tho it has been kicking up some creepy crawlers.  Whenever a stark contrast surfaces after an infusion of LOVE, it is always the result of LOVE’s purifying power. This isn’t necessarily an easy ending to a long transition, but one that is beginning to feel better and better.  And the reason things are about to get even MORE better is because each of us is being presented with our own unique opportunities to take the physical steps needed to overcome the deepest of our issues…the bottom of the ocean (emotion) stuff..the core wounding that has kept us trapped on the karmic wheel for many lifetimes.


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Lauren C.Gorgo ~ 2014: spiritualizing the material

2014: spiritualizing the material


Happy New Year! 2013 is finally over…(exhales)…and I know I am not alone when I say that I have never been so literally “happy” for a new year.

Even tho we are opening to 2014 in a very inward, reflective way…and while still clearing out the cobwebs and misty fog that was so heavily blanketed over us last year…there is a newness in the air that is indisputable.

I was going to straight up talk about all the horrors growth & expansion of last year…where we’ve been, what we all went thru to get here, etc., etc…but I am definitely not feeling that.  I think we can all agree that we served our time in that regard…spent plenty enuf years talking about, feeling, and sitting in our own ick.


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Lauren C.Gorgo ~ Radiance of 1000 Suns: 12:12-12:21

Radiance of 1000 Suns: 12:12-12:21

By  On December 12, 2013 ·  In The 5D Report

The LOVE Strand

2013 forced us to let go of so much…but only so we could gain so much more. The entire year, right up to the September equinox (longer for some), was unmerciful…relentless in its unifying force, especially for those navigating the demanding mastery levels of consciousness required to activate the 13th strand of DNA …what the Seven Sisters of Pleiades call our “LOVE-strand”.

This LOVE strand activation is/was everything for the planet and for those awakening people who are pioneering the workings of a new, integrated reality of “spiritualized-humans”. These fearless-folk, capable of harnessing the neutral, unified (13th strand/chakra) LOVE principal are/were wholly responsible for anchoring the uni-versal LOVE harmonic on the planet, upgrading humanity and all physical matter to the 13th frequential required for our transcendence as a species.  (A serious shout out to all you badass warriors of LOVE.)


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Lauren C.Gorgo ~ The Fifth Initiation: monad merger

The Fifth Initiation: monad merger

By On October 5, 2013 ·  In The 5D Report

Post-Equinox Effects

We are born.  The (really) hard work is over, and the heaviness is starting to lift.

You may still be feeling the discomfort from the birth itself, but if you’ve done the inner work, you are probably noticing that the challenges of this never ending process have been more manageable by day. If not, stay the course. If you keep yourself focused on yourself you will be absolutely shown whatever remains in the way of your sovereignty.

Even tho things are getting lighter, we are still having to maintain a firm resolve with regard to sustaining our very new way of BEing…mostly because it is still in its’ infancy stage…but according to my Source(s), that need will subside substantially this season as we continue to dedicate ourselves to bolting our feet into the new earth and creating with our magic again. As we do so, as we release any and all energies (thoughts) of victimization and replace them with our divine authority, we simultaneously free up and declutter the expansive, creative space of heaven residing within each and every cell of our being.


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Lauren C.Gorgo ~ Healing to Whole: the birth (part II)

Healing to Whole: the birth (part II)


If you are reading this, even if prone, kudos to you just for making it to September.

Because of the way 2013 opened for me personally, with the sudden and unexpected passing of my mother, I had a very strong feeling…despite all the magical things I was hearing and being shown from the higher realms…that the entire year was going to, yet again, mimic the last 13.  Of course, I didn’t want to admit/accept/surrender to that knowing, but it was definitely there.

What I didn’t expect, is that this year would/could possibly feel any worse than 2012, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1.

Because the ascension volume was turned up so LOUD this year, and because each successive month has been more excruciating than the last, for the first time on this whole journey, I literally couldn’t see how I would get to September. And at times, I was so deflated that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to.


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Lauren C.Gorgo : Healing to Whole: from de to re-generation (part I)

Healing to Whole: from de to re-generation (part I)


Is it really August?  Not that I have any gauge left of time, but I swear it was just spring here in NY.  And what a lovely spring it was. 8O

The good news is, after 3 months of mental stagnancy, and since the Lions Gate opened at the end of July,  I feel like I have  f i n a l l y  broken thru to some new level information.  It has been an excruciating passage without access to more expanded concepts, but I imagine that I needed to tidy up some loose DNA strands in order to be capable to receive higher level intelligence…and even tho I am always sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I am pretty sure it was worth the pain.

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Healing vs Wholing